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Highway 261 and Calle 20. Santa Elena

Many of you may not have traveled to the interior of Yucatan, and you may think of the peninsula as absolutely flat. But you would be wrong.

The Flycatcher Inn is located at the start of the hill area, what is called the Puuc region, with a hill ridge that begins at Campeche city, and ends just past the town of José Ma Morelos, close to the Caribbean coast. Back behind the Flycatcher Inn, low hills begin, and our two cottages are located here, at the base of these hills, on the edge of the tropical forest. Along with the birds and small wild animals; agoutis, tejones, and coatemundis, among others.

Part of the 1.6 hectares here have walking trails through the jungle, while other parts are lush with tropical plants and flowers. You are quite private here, so if it is solitude and peace you are seeking, you have found the ideal place. Come enjoy a week or two, and see for yourself a very different Yucatan.